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Golfer Gets Arm Eaten By Alligator

gator-golfIf I ever went golfing in an area where alligators were present, you can be certain that I would be looking around constantly to see if there was a gator about to eat me. It wouldn’t matter if I was near a water hazard or at the bar, I’ve got my head on a swivel.

But some souls are more courageous than I am, like an unnamed 77-year-old man at Fripp Island, South Carolina’s Ocean Creek Golf Course, who bent down to pick up a golf ball but instead had his arm grabbed by a 10-foot alligator.

The man somehow missed seeing the giant gator that was waiting to eat him and was dragged to a nearby pond, where the animal engaged in a series of death rolls that tore the man’s arm off.

The golfer was flown to the hospital, with his arm following close behind in a cooler after wildlife control killed the alligator and recovered it. His condition is unknown.

Fripp Island golfer loses arm to alligator [The Island Packet]

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