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High School Football Team Has Game-Winning Field Goal Blocked, Scores Touchdown To Win Anyway: Video

The play is not over until the whistle sounds.

The game is not over until you tackle the guy with the ball on the last play.

Remember that – because in Michigan the Plymouth High School football team did not.

Plymouth visited Westland John Glenn for their homecoming game and appeared to have won the game after blocking John Glenn’s last-second field goal attempt.

As the Plymouth players celebrated and ran off the field, John Glenn holder Tony Wilton stood with the ball. Coaches yelled at him to run, and a few seconds later he had found the end zone.

The referees conferred as the wise commentator said, “This could make or break the game.”

Their answer: Touchdown, John Glenn. Is there anything that man can’t do?

High School Team Misses Field Goal as Time Expires, Wins Anyway (Again) [Fanhouse]

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