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High School Football Fan Attacks Referee With Chair: Video

Down in Alabama, Hackleburg High School defeated Lynn High School, but not without some controversy. There was a disputed call during the game. It doesn’t matter what the call was, or who was wrong or right because really, it’s just a high school football game, and there are more important things in life, so let’s all move on.

And everyone did move on, except for one rogue man who felt he needed to right the wrong after the final whistle sounded. Around the 1:30 mark of the video, you can begin to see him in the background, scaling a fence. The man then proceeded to run the length of the field so he could smack one of the referees with a chair. The refs all turned the attacker and made quick work of subduing him.

Apparently the Ligues have some family members down in Alabama.

Some folk’ll never attack a referee, but then again, some folk’ll…

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