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Chip Caray Line Drive Base Hit: Video

The Minnesota Twins just beat the Detroit Tigers in an epic 6-5, 12 inning game to take the AL Central and go on to face the New York Yankees in the ALDS.

Those of us watching on TBS were treated to some of the worst broadcasting in MLB history, courtesy of Chip Caray.

Between his repeated references to balls being fisted and general suckitude, Caray nearly managed to ruin the game, but the action was just too good to not overcome it. It will go down as one of the best baseball games in recent memory.

That said, here is Chip Caray’s terrible call of the Twins not winning the game in the bottom of the 10th.

“Line drive base hit! … caught out there!”

Yes, one of those line drive base hit fly balls. And to think, the postseason technically hasn’t even started for Chip Caray. We still have many more games left with him.

The bad call prompted this outstanding Photoshop from Matt Sussman:


Ron Darling did a solid job though. Hopefully he’ll bring scissors to cut Chip’s microphone at the next game they do together.

Chip Caray Has One Job In Life, And He Blows It [SportsByBrooks]

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