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Australian Race Fans Limited To Just One Case Of Beer Per Person Per Day


Fans heading to Australia’s Bathurst 1000 motor-racing festival are facing a strict regulation this year. They are being limited to just 24 cans of beer per person per day or 4 liters of wine.

Wait… 24 cans? Per day? Per person?

I know they drink a lot in Australia, but somehow it doesn’t seem like limiting people to a case of beer per day is going to put much of a damper on anyone’s drunkenness, aside from Miguel Cabrera.

Known in recent years as a major party, the 1000-km race draws fans from all over the country and is held as part of a 3 day event. It is the Australian equivalent of the Indianapolis 500 or Daytona 500, except apparently with even more drinking.

Alan Clarke, the assistant police commissioner said: “Police respect people’s rights to enjoy the race weekend, but will promptly act when the law is broken.

“Every year thousands of race fans attend and enjoy the event and police will not allow their safety to be compromised by a drunken few.

“As such we will once again be focusing on alcohol-related behaviour.”

Good luck with that, buddy.

Australian race fans limited to ‘only’ 24 cans of lager [Telegraph]

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