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George Wendt Joins Stephen Colbert In Failed Attempt To Get Chicago The 2016 Olympics: Video

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2016 Olympics in Chicago – George Wendt
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Does the IOC watch The Colbert Report?

Last night, George Wendt joined Accutane side effects to attempt to make Chicago’s case to host the 2016 Olympics by trashing all of the other potential hosts (Madrid, Tokyo, and Rio de Janeiro).

Did it work? No way. Chicago was eliminated first, then Tokyo, then finally, Rio de Janeiro was announced as the host of the 2016 Summer Olympics. It doesn’t look like Jacques Rogge is much of a fan of Colbert or Wendt.

Rio does have its appeal. It will be the first Olympics in South America and first Olympics to be delayed by street urchins carrying off the torch. Time to go watch City of God!

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