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Were The Oakland Police Neutral When The 49ers Visited The Raiders?


You’d have to be insane to care about NFL preseason Cephalexin uses. And you’d also have to be insane to want to attend an Buy meldonium game as a visiting fan. Sure, their team is atrocious, but that doesn’t stop Raiders fans from violently defending their team. In fact, it probably makes them even more angry.

However, you would think that the police and security would be around to step in should things get out of hand. And you would be wrong. According to 49ers fan Raymond Castillo, this was not the case. Castillo filed a civil rights complaint this week in regard to an incident that occurred in the Black Hole at the 49ers/Raiders game on August 8, 2008.

A fight broke out in the stands in the 4th quarter. Castillo says he was caught in the middle of a bunch of pushing fans. The lawsuit claims Officer Bryant Ocampo then grabbed Castillo and twisted his arm, breaking it.

According to the lawsuit, the supposedly neutral police were not there to protect and serve 49ers fans. They “singled out people wearing 49ers jerseys” and said, “F– you, Niners fans,” and, “You come to a Raiders game wearing 49ers gear, and now look at you crying.”

The Oakland Police have said they can’t comment on the litigation. The lesson, as always: Never go to Oakland.

Niners backer: Even the cops were Raiders fans [SF Gate]

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    never been, and now never will thanks to your sage advice

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  • crazycantoncuts

    never been, and now never will thanks to your sage advice