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Penis Painted On Soccer Pitch


English soccer club Worle FC was the victim of a prank this week. Someone painted a penis on their field.

Worle FC assistant manager Mark Chesney said, “We reckon it was a jealous player from a rival club and we won’t rest until we find out who. To be shafted like this is a bitter pill to swallow, it’s a balls up which may leave our next fixture in doubt.”

Come on, man, leave the punchlines to the professionals. Don’t get cocky and think you’re going to come in and penetrate the world of witty sports bloggers.

There’s a penis on the pitch [Dirty Tackle]
Paint pranksters strike football club [Weston Mercury]

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  • större penis & större snopp

    This made me laugh like hell. Genius!

  • Lelo Gigi Turquoise Blue

    To draw a penis in a soccer field is one of the action that can be done by a rivalry team, person or fans of the opposing team in a soccer game and this is not appropriate to do. Anyways that draw of a penis can be easily wipe out.