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Pele Confuses Michael Jordan And Michael Jackson: Video

While Barack Obama will be pushing Chicago’s case to be the host of the 2016 Olympics, Brazil and Rio de Janeiro are getting some help from Cialis soft vs cialis legend Pele. And by help, I of course mean they’re wishing he would keep his mouth shut.

Pele tried to convince reporters that Rio is a better candidate because Chicago didn’t have Michael Jordan on board. Except instead of saying “Michael Jordan”, he said “Michael Jackson”. As reporters laughed, Pele joked that there were two important Michaels.

Two Michaels, but only one Pele. We’ll find out tomorrow who will host the 2016 Olympics. No matter who gets it, Pele should be a public address announcer.

Pele Causes Controversy By Referring To Glucophage weight loss Legend Michael Jordan As Michael Jackson [Yahoo!]

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