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High School Soccer Players Suspended For Hazing Involving Raw Meat

soccer-team-meat-hazingThere’s a line somewhere between kids-being-kids and kids inappropriately hazing each other. According to school officials at Lewiston-Porter High School near Buffalo, New York, 10 Cialis soft vs cialis players and other students crossed that line by hazing new members of the girls soccer team with the contents of someone’s refrigerator.

Players put raw eggs and flour in their teammates’ hair, then threw raw meat at them.

School superintendent R. Christopher Roser said, “I think the kids felt that this was just good, wholesome pranking, but if you don’t stop it at this level, then when can you identify that it’s gone too far?. So the message is, you don’t do it at all. There isn’t any time that you belittle a person or demean them.”

That’s right. It’s only wholesome these days if they were using free-range organic eggs, gluten-free flour, and non-rBGH-treated meat. Otherwise, these Proscar sales in canada-related hazings must be stopped.

Lew-Port students suspended for hazing [The Buffalo News]

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