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CFL Fan Takes Running On The Field To A Whole New Level By Climbing The Goalpost: Video

Here at Sports Rubbish, we show a lot of videos of people running on to the field. Most of the people running around on fields are at baseball and soccer games. Presumably, people are smart enough to not run around near a bunch of football and rugby players who are accustomed to tackling people violently. That makes this fan at a recent CFL game between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders even more remarkable.

Not only did he manage to run on the field without being tackled, he then scaled the goalpost, climbing all the way to the top in the process. Once returning to the crossbar, he then tightrope-walked across it and pole-danced on the other side. He eventually lowered himself and was taken away by police.

The video below is even better, if only because the person who films it apologizes for the shakiness, saying it was very cold. Only a Canadian would apologize for something like that, and only Canada would be so cold in mid-September that someone’s arms would begin to shake violently.

CFL Fan Climbs Goalpost, Somehow Avoids Breaking Neck [FanHouse]

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