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Brandon Stokley’s Amazing Touchdown Catch For The Broncos Vs. The Bengals Makes Gus Johnson Excited: Video

For 59 minutes, today’s game between the Denver Broncos and the Cincinnati Bengals featured little action. The Bengals then scored a touchdown to take a 7-6 lead, giving the Broncos little time to make a comeback. Somehow though, thanks to Brandon Stokley not giving up on a tipped ball, Denver managed to escape with the win.

Kyle Orton was nearly picked off on the play before, then threw a ball into triple coverage that was tipped high in the air. Stokley managed to get to the ball, and it was then off to the races for an 87-yard touchdown.

The only person more excited than Orton was Gus Johnson, who managed to keep alive his reputation for being on scene for big plays & gave the call all of the excitement it deserved.

As for Brandon Stokley, nice move on both the catch and then also having the presence of mind to run some additional time off the clock before entering the end zone. Given how wild the last minute of the game was, who knows what could have happened with a few more seconds.

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