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Marcin Wasilewski Has Leg Broken By Axel Witsel: Video

Depending upon where you live, it might be lunch time or dinner time right now, so if you’re eating, you’re warned that this video is a bit graphic.

Anderlecht defender Marcin Wasilewski suffered an injury on Sunday that can only be described as gruesome. Wasilewski was the victim of a horrific leg-breaking tackle by Standard Liege’s Axel Witsel, whose name appropriately sounds like a movie villain.

Witsel was red-carded, which his teammates protested. Obviously they had not seen the condition of Wasilewski’s injury. One of his teammates clearly had, as he looked like he was pushing vomit back into his mouth as he looked on. The slow-motion replay of his shattered leg will make you want to do the same.

Louis Kinnen, head of Anderlecht’s medical staff said, “The medical team cleaned the open wound as well as possible. That is, because of the nature of the injury, there is a high risk of infection. Therefore, Marcin will be given antibiotics during the next few days. The purpose of that treatment is to make sure that he can be operated on definitively in the course of this week.”

Witsel has been suspended until November 23rd, which is a long time, but still seems insufficient given the fact that Marcin Wasilewski will be out for at least a year. The tackle left him with multiple open fractures of the calf and tibia. He will face a tough road to recovery, having already been operated on once with more surgery on the way.

Horror Injury Sidelines Anderlecht Defender Wasilewski []
Rough Hit Destroys Belgian Cialis soft vs cialis Player’s Lower Leg [Deadspin]

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    witsel is a fucking criminal