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Who Put Up This Billboard Taking A Shot At Charlie Weis?

charlie-weis-billboardNotre Dame head coach Charlie Weis has had more than his fair share of critics over the last few years, but until now, none of them have gone to the trouble of buying billboard space to go after him.

An ad reading “Best wishes to Charlie Weis in the 5th year of his college coaching internship. — Linebacker Alumni” has gone up above the Linebacker Inn in South Bend.

The Inn didn’t put it up, and they have no idea who did, nor does anyone else in the land of the Fighting Irish. Was it a disgruntled Notre Dame fan? A fan of another school? Bill Belichick? The mystery continues until someone steps forward.

As for Charlie Weis, he’s taking it in stride.

“I’m the head coach at Notre Dame — I mean, welcome to my world. Tell ‘em thanks a lot for wishing me best wishes. I heard about it, I haven’t seen it and we’ll just leave it at that,” said Weis.

This is big moment in college football history. No, not for the act of creating a billboard just to take a shot at a coach. This is the first time anyone has used the words “Charlie Weis” and “billboard” without adding “is the size of a” in between.

Controversial billboard blasts Weis [WSBT]

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