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Bolivian Soccer Player Attacks Opponent With Flying Kick To The Face: Video

Normal soccer fight, blah blah blah, pushing, elbows, yelling, arguing, what’s this now, a flying kick to the face? Excellent.

You may remember Blooming from such videos as “Copa Sudamericana Match Abandoned After Fan Attacks Player.” Not only are Blooming fans insanely violent, their players are just as bad.

Oriente Petrolero’s Leonardo Medina elbowed Blooming’s Sergio Jauregui and understandably was sent off. Jauregui wasn’t satisfied with this punishment and decided to dish out some justice of his own. So as Medina was either exiting the field or entering a bouncy castle, Jauregui launched a flying karate kick at his head.

There was more fighting and another ejection later on, but nobody will remember that. Especially not the guy who got booted in the head.

Bolivian flying head kick! [Dirty Tackle]

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