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Usain Bolt Sets New World Record In 200m – 19.19 : Video

There is no way that Usain Bolt is human. Or if he is, he must have been sent backward in time from some future point where humans have evolved to outrun cheetahs.

Bolt just set yet another world record, this time in the 200 meter final at the World Championships in Berlin, running an amazing 19.19 to blow away the pack.

The rest of the field held some of the fastest human beings on Earth, and somehow Usain Bolt made them look like Tony Siragusa.

It’s incredible what we’re seeing from Usain Bolt right now. Not only is he the fastest man ever, he’s seemingly doing it with such ease that it looked like he was jogging at the end.

Unfortunately, any time anyone puts up numbers or records that just seem too good, there will always be speculation. He’s been tested and there has never been any evidence that he has cheated, but many will anticipate that happening. Let’s hope that day never comes because Usain Bolt is just insane.

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