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Aussie Rules Football Player Gets Beer Thrown On Him By Fan: Video

Shane Victorino can take comfort in knowing that he wasn’t the only professional athlete to have beer thrown on him this week by an opposing fan.

Down in Australia, Brad Johnson of the AFL’s Western Bulldogs was greeting some children following a match against the Brisbane Lions when a woman tossed her beer on him. The woman went right on chatting on her cell phone after she threw her beverage, and the beer-soaked Bulldogs captain coolly turned and went the other way.


Much like when the Cubs mobilized all of Chicago to track down their beer-tossing culprit, Australian authorities and Brisbane Lions fans are doing the same, but with no luck so far. Considering how outraged fans are though, it’s only a matter of time before they track her down. And then? It’s booting time!

With more and more countries getting in the beer throwing game, look for it to be added to the 2016 Olympics. And yes, it will be added to the Games before baseball.

Beer thrown over Bulldogs captain Brad Johnson [Courier Mail]

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