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Goalie Shows Displeasure With Teammate By Pulling His Hair: Video

Franco Costanzo (played by Jerry Stiller) might have a bit of an anger problem. In full view of the Accutane cameras at the end of a match against FC Zurich, the Argentinian goalkeeper for Basel was unhappy with teammate Beg Ferati and verbally admonished him.

Ferati then pushed Costanzo, who amazingly for an Argentine didn’t immediate flop to the ground, but instead grabbed Ferati’s hair.

Costanzo showed regret afterward, saying, “I’m sorry, I apologise. Everyone knows me and it’s the first time in my career I’ve done a stupid thing like this. It’s a situation we have to sort out in the dressing room.”

So next time, Costanzo will just pull teammates hair in the dressing room rather than on the field. Lesson learned!

Goalkeeper sorry for grabbing team mate by the hair [Reuters]

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