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Cubs Fan Throws Beer On Shane Victorino, Security Ejects The Wrong Man: Video

Imagine you’re at a Cubs game and you managed to snag front row bleacher seats. You’ve got a perfect view of the game and close access to the outfielders for heckling purposes. If you’re one guy in this video, you’re the asshole who threw a beer at Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Shane Victorino as he was trying to catch a fly ball. If you’re another guy, you’re the one who was just enjoying your beloved Cubs play, only to find yourself getting tossed out by Wrigley Field security for something you didn’t do.

The Cubs have already apologized to the Phillies and Victorino for the incident, but the fan who was erroneously ejected needs an apology as well.

Both the Cubs and Shane Victorino have filed a complaint with the Chicago PD, with the hopes that the real culprit will be caught.

“We’ll look for him, and we’ll hand it over to the police,” Victorino said. “If I file a complaint, they’ll at least go get the guy. If I press charges, he gets arrested. He’s probably at home laughing right now watching all these replays, ‘Ah, they got the wrong guy. I got away with it.’

“We’re going to get the right guy.”

Hopefully they do, but they also need to make a public apology to the man they wrongly blamed.

Video HT: SonnyBoyPics
Cubs, Victorino file complaint against fan [MLB]

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