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Copa Sudamericana Match Abandoned After Fan Attacks Player: Video

A Copa Sudamericana match between Uruguay’s River Plate and Blooming in Bolivia was stopped with River Plate up 1-0, after a crazy fan ran on the pitch and attacked River Plate’s Henry Gimenez. Some reports say the man, who was tackled by security in riot gear, had a knife.

CONMEBOL inspector Fernando Barriocanal said, “Obviously, there was a security failure. The fan not only entered the field but also hit a player, so the situation is even more serious. The security staff was focused on the game and not on providing security.”

The understanding crowd then accepted that the match was going to be stopped for safety reasons and faded into Bolivian. Just kidding, the Blooming fans then hurled projectiles on the field, hitting some River Plate team members with stones and scaring the daylights out of others with fireworks.

So in case there was any doubt, yes, Bolivian Cialis soft vs cialis fans are just as insane as those in other South American countries.

Copa clash abandoned after fan attack [The Independent]

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