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Punter Touchdown Adds 12 Seconds Of Excitement To Meaningless NFL Preseason Game Between The Tennessee Titans & Buffalo Bills: Video

Yesterday’s Hall Of Fame Game between the Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills featured about as much excitement as any other NFL preseason game, save for this sweet trick play from Titans punter AJ Trapasso.

Trapasso faked a punt, then ran 40 yards for a touchdown. He looked pretty fast while doing so, but then again, no punter has ever done any running so we have no basis for comparison.

Everyone on the field for the Bills should be cut for letting that happen. The only way a punter should ever even sniff the end zone is if the snap goes over his head deep in his own territory.

Note to the NFL: Please encourage more trick plays in the preseason. It’s the only way any sane person will want to watch.

Titans Punter AJ Trapasso Scores Touchdown On Fake Punt During Hall Of Fame Game Vs Bills [FanIQ]

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