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Rugby Referee Gets Knocked Out By Players: Video

NRL referees are not difficult to see, as they wear bright pink. Still, Jamie Simpson of the South Sydney Rabbitohs somehow couldn’t avoid running into ref Tony De Las Heras during a match against the Brisbane Broncos last month.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Broncos player Tonie Carroll then nailed De Las Heras in the head with his knee as he was trying to get up, knocking him out cold.

Paramedics took the unconscious referee from the field, but according to the other referee, Gavin Badger, he was just fine afterward.

“As soon as it happened, I went straight to him,” Badger said. “He was knocked out straight away. But he’s OK now. It was a bit scary for us. He was snoring straight away, literally snoring. But he’s joking now about it, saying these sorts of things always happen to him.”

It’s always nice to see someone laughing about getting kicked in the head. It’s probably much easier when you can’t remember any of it.

Ref feels the pain as Rabbitohs thump Broncos [Brisbane Times]

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