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Loose Chicken On The Field Before Rugby Match Between France and New Zealand: Video

It’s a slow time of year in sports, so let’s just declare today Chickens Running Around On The Field Day and be done with it.

Following the previous post of a loose chicken during a soccer match, here’s a video of a rooster at a Cephalexin side effects match between France and New Zealand’s All Blacks last month.

This one makes a bit more sense, as the rooster is the mascot of the French rugby team. Some poor security guard is the lone man charged with chasing the cock for the first part of the pursuit, with predictably poor results.

Once the chicken was safely off of the field, the match could begin. Later, a woman ran on the grass, and by this point the security guards had had enough.

Now there’s a solid tackle that will impress the coaches. Maybe that cocky chicken would have hesitated if he’d seen this woman get taken down first.

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