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Dumb Smuggler Gets Caught With Cocaine In Golf Clubs

cocaine-golf-clubHere’s a tip for all you drug smugglers out there. If you’re going to try and bring cocaine through customs by concealing it in sporting equipment, you might want to know something about the sport.

Kayti Ella Dryer went on holiday from England to Jamaica, and when she returned, she decided to bring home a kilo of coke hidden inside some golf clubs as a souvenir.

Unfortunately for Kayti, a customs agent asked her what her golf handicap was. The bright girl thought she was being asked if she had a disability. Her inability to answer other golf questions made the agent even more suspicious, and a search of the golf clubs revealed £83,000-worth of cocaine.

She’ll be spending 4 years in jail for her lack of golf knowledge. Perhaps the prison will have a library so she can read up on the sport for her next attempt.


Drug mule balls up her golf quiz [The Sun]

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