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Ze Carlos Uses Ze Elbows, Gets Ze Red Card After Just 12 Seconds: Video

It’s rare that the first few seconds of a soccer match get much action, as players are just getting into position and know they still have 90 minutes to go.

Keeping that in mind, it takes a real effort to get yourself red carded just 12 seconds into a match. Ze Carlos of Cruzeiro in Brazil managed to do it though by flailing his elbows about wildly, connecting with the head of Renan of Atletico Mineiro.

Following the match, Ze Carlos explained his actions, which took place with only 7 seconds on the clock, saying, “I slipped, went to control the ball, turned and my arm hit Renan in the face. I even said sorry but I ended up being sent off. It was not on purpose.”

Kobe Bryant sees nothing wrong with that explanation & wonders what all the fuss is about.

DTotD: Brazilian record [Dirty Tackle]

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