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Daily Rubbish: July 13, 2009

Video of the Day: The worst cover of “Such Great Heights” that you will ever hear [via Videogum]

Today’s Links:

Nats End First Half With Intentional Balk [DC Sports Bog]

Home Run Apple headed to DL? [Subway Squawkers]

Faux Pas: Sky Sports News make a terrible cock-up on live air [101 Great Goals]

Mathematician discovers ‘potentially disastrous’ Cialis soft vs cialis rule flaw [National Post]

5 Modern Sports That Started As Excuses for Sex and Violence [Cracked]

MLS star calls referee a ‘cheat’ on Twitter [Who Ate All The Pies]

Ten Tweets You Would Have Seen from the 2008 Detroit Lions’ Sidelines [Detroit4Lyfe]

Shaq-ago Glory Of Love, Music Video [NESW Sports]

Tony Romo Takes Jessica Simpson for a Ride in the Old Dump Truck [Fanhouse]

Roy and Timmy: Your All-Star Hurlers [Babes Love Baseball]

The Texas Rangers Clubhouse Is A Zoo [Jorge Says No]

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