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Matt Bush Gets Arrested, Cries Like A Little Girl: Video

Sometimes the title of a YouTube video is gibberish. Other times the title says it all. This is definitely a case of the latter.

Presenting: “Matt Bush Crying And Shrieking While Being Arrested for DUI.”

Keflex price in canada claim that Bush rammed his car into someone else’s vehicle while he was drunk on June 29th. As you can see, he then handled his arrest in a very mature way. Just when you thought the saga of Matt Bush couldn’t get any sadder, he ends up getting hogtied by police while crying.

Bush has been charged with a variety of counts, including DUI, resisting arrest, and vandalism.

The only bright spots for Matt Bush in this incident are that it appears he did not get tased, plus he wasn’t naked. But given his decline, can that day really be far away?

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