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Mexican Soccer Coach Kicks Panamanian Player In The Balls During Gold Cup: Video

Yesterday’s Gold Cup match between Mexico and Panama featured an array of bad sportsmanship on all sides, but particularly from Mexico.

Unprofessional Foul has the entire recap with several videos that you should definitely head over and check out, but here’s the short version of one of the incidents.

Panama’s Ricardo Phillips was dribbling along the sideline when he got kicked at by Mexico’s manager, Javier Aguirre. Initial replays made it look like Aguirre had just gone for the ball while it was in play, which is bad enough, but the video above clearly shows that Aguirre was going for Phillips’ balls instead. You stay classy, Mexico.

Phillips then went after Aguirre, with both men getting sent off. Of course, Phillips refused to leave for a long time, thus delaying the game further. Somehow, play eventually resumed with no further nut-kickings & ended in a 1-1 draw.

Central American soccer is Crazy, too [Unprofessional Foul]

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