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Colin Montgomerie Defeats Pirates


The final warmup to the British Open, the Barclays Scottish Open, is taking place at Loch Lomond this weekend.

Many of the top contenders are there, including Buy generic proventil’s own Colin Montgomerie. The fan favorite took the course yesterday as part of the pro-am.

Just offshore on the loch, a wily band of pirates had commandeered a ship. Well, maybe it was a speedboat. And instead of commandeering, they probably rented it. Whatever the case, the men in pirate garb hung a target out over the side and challenged Monty to hit it.

Never one to pass up a challenge, Colin Montgomerie unleashed a mighty wallop and nailed the target from 60-yarrrrrrrds away.


The pirates rejoiced in their defeat and presumably went somewhere to do more drinking, while Montgomerie celebrated and hoped his good luck would continue through the rest of this month.

Now about that divot he ripped out of the green…


Forget about the birdie putts – Colin Montgomerie almost sinks pirate ship off bonnie banks of Loch Lomond [Daily Mail]

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