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Mark Wahlberg Nails Fan In The Butt With First Pitch: Video

Before you get too far reading this, make sure you skip ahead in the video above to around the 4:37 mark, unless you particularly want to hear Skip Bayless and the rest of the Zithromax 500mg talking heads.

With that out of the way, Mark Wahlberg threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park on Monday. He also threw out the second pitch.

His first pitch was so bad that it veered far beyond the reach of the catcher, who could only watch as the ball nailed some guy in the ass.

Wahlberg’s second pitch was only marginally better, and he quickly left the mound before he could injure anyone else.

Mark, there’s a reason why Major League pitchers don’t hold water bottles while they are on the mound. Maybe next time you should put the bottled water down, or just stay in the luxury suites where you belong.

Mark Wahlberg’s First Pitch Hits Fan in the Butt, Video [NESW Sports]

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