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Chinese Soccer Match Features Weird Slap Fight: Video

The Chinese Super League has a long way to go to catch up to the top Cialis soft vs cialis leagues in the world, both in quality of play and quality of fights.

Beijing Guoan and Dalian Shide faced off recently, with tempers flaring between Dalian’s Jonathan Vergara and Beijing’s Yang Hao. With Hao on the ground, Vergara approached him and began to slap him, if you can consider those slaps. Vergara looked more like he was trying to tickle the poor man.

The referee didn’t think much of the “attack” either, as Vergara received only a yellow for his efforts, but was sent off anyway because it was his second of the match. Perhaps he can use his time off to brush up on his fighting skills.

Big Trouble in Little Discount brand name provera: Jonathan Vergara slaps the stuffing out of an opponent [101 Great Goals]

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