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Daily Rubbish: July 7, 2009

Video of the Day: TV Reporter vs. Sprinkler

Today’s Links:

The King of Pop and the Sports Figures He Inspired [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

The 10 Worst All-Stars Since The First Clinton Administration [Rumors & Rants]

Top 15 curtain hairstyles in Premier League history [Who Ate All The Pies]

Michael Jordan Interviews OJ Simpson (1988) [The Hoop Doctors]

Top 13 moments of people taking a ball to the head [Epic Carnival]

Could Twitter destroy real journalism? [Tim Keown]

Kris Letang And Tyler Kennedy Do The Weather [PSAMP]

Chad Johnson, Twitter, and Visionary FAIL [Steady Burn]

Acyclovir 400 mg Takes Rachel Nichols Fishing. His Junk Stays in. [Pacman Jonesin’]

NBA Trades: Summer Box Office-style, Part I [Fully Clips]

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