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Erik Estrada Has Seen His Share Of Child Pornography

Erik Estrada was at Wrigley Field tonight for the game between the Prednisone taper and Atlanta Braves. Following his botched rendition of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame,” of which there is no video as of yet, he then gave a long, rambling interview that filled the bottom of the 7th.

After talking about being a former sexiest man alive, Estrada was discussing child safety and law enforcement when he said this statement that just might be misconstrued:

“I’ve seen my share of child pornography, and I just want to do something about it.”

Clearly Erik Estrada didn’t mean that the way it sounded, as he does a lot of positive work in regard to child safety.

Once the subject was changed to less serious topics, Estrada was then allowed to ramble further, bringing up the topic of Ron Jeremy and his skill with instruments.

Something tells me no matter how positive the intent of his messaging is (and he did have good information for parents and kids), Erik Estrada might not be back on live TV any time soon after this rambling interview.

Erik Estrada’s Awkward 7th Inning Interview At Wrigley Field [FanIQ]

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