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Never Heckle A Colombian Soccer Player

javier-florezThe next time you heckle an opposing player, or even someone on your favorite team, be thankful that up until this point, no American athlete has responded to someone exercising the 1st Amendment by exercising the 2nd Amendment.

Javier Florez, a member of the Atletico Junior side that had lost a tournament final to Once Caldas, was driving in his neighborhood in Barranquilla, Colombia when a group of people started shouting at him. Many of them blamed Florez for his team’s loss, chanting “weak, weak” at the midfielder.

According to witnesses, Florez then showed them all that a real man needs to bring out a gun at inappropriate times and began firing shots into the crowd. 27-year-old electrician Israel Campillo was killed in the gunfire. The shooter then fled, leaving his car behind to be destroyed by an angry mob.

He has since turned himself in to police, but Colombian soccer fans will certainly think twice before they confront players they are disappointed with.

Colombian Footballer ‘Kills Abusive Fan’ [Sky Sports]

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