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Drunk Rugby Player Gets Suspended After Defecating In Hotel Hallway


I will be heading to Orlistat next day in a couple of weeks, and I plan on taking in a Cephalexin side effects match while I am there. There are several teams in Sydney, but I think I have now figured out which one I will go watch: the Sydney Roosters.

A couple of weeks ago, their coach got drunk and tried to break into someone else’s hotel room.

Now one of the players, Nate Myles, has been suspended for 6 weeks after defecating in a hotel hallway.

An apologetic Myles claimed he had a stomach bug and had been locked out of the room, but the fact that this all happened after he and several other players were out partying until 4am does not make him a sympathetic figure.

“I had been asleep for about four hours and I got up to go to the toilet,” Myles said.

“It was dark and I was a bit dazed. The door to the toilet was right next to the entry door and I went through the wrong one.

“The door locked behind me and I was stranded.”

At this point, Myles tried to get into another hotel room, but for some reason the family who was staying there did not want to let a drunk, naked man with the runs into their room.

Following his corridor defecation, Myles was then found naked on his fire escape.

He paid for the cleaning, and the Sydney Roosters have been fined an additional $50,000 by the NRL for the latest of their team’s antics.

Between the drunken coach, the player who can’t control his bowels, and the general ineptitude of the team on the field, this is a side that clearly needs some support. I’m just going to make sure my hotel room door is double-locked at all times, and I will take careful steps down the hallway.

NRL star Nate Myles tells of hotel diarrhoea [ via FanIQ]

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