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Bad Speller Threatened To Blow Up The 1997 NBA Finals

The FBI has released a file on the late Larry Miller, former owner of the Utah Jazz. Included in this file was the revelation that a deranged man threatened to blow up the Delta Center during the 1997 NBA Finals between the Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls.

A letter sent to Miller said, “If you don’t want the Delta Center to to look like the Oklahoma Fedral [sic] Building,” the letter said,” then do as we tell you….”

The letter went on to use such words as “fedral,” “dallors,” “envilope,” “droped,” and “peice.” It also said “Go Jazz,” so he showed solid team spirit.


The man who sent the letter, Richard Lewis Christiansen, had aspired to be a successful car dealership owner like Larry Miller, but was unsuccessful.

After being caught by undercover Keflex price in canada (including a Larry Miller impersonator) who responded to the letters, Christiansen was sentenced to home confinement and probation. He was let off with such a light penalty because he had no actual bomb making equipment, nor the knowledge to do anything with it. He apparently did about as well in chemistry class as he did in English class in high school.

Larry Miller FBI file cites Delta Center bomb threat [The Salt Lake Tribune]

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