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Swedish Soccer Match Interrupted By Woman Walking On The Pitch: Video

A match between Hammarby and Trelleborg in Sweden’s Allsvenskan soccer league that was momentarily disrupted after a player altercation was then disrupted further by a female fan who walked down on the field to confront one of the players.

Hammarby’s Maic Sema was the recipient of the woman’s rage, having to stand there while the woman waved her arms about in front of him. Some people believe the woman made a Nazi salute to Sema. She certainly makes an arm gesture, but I see more flailing than rigid arm raising.

The woman then escorted herself off the pitch with help from a player as security ineffectively followed behind. Whatever the gesture was, it’s nice to see that Sweden has trashy people in their country too.

Did a female Hammarby pitch invader display the Nazi salute against Maic Sema? [101 Great Goals]

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