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Flavia Zoccari’s Swimsuit Tears, Exposing Her Butt To Fans At Mediterranean Games


Those fancy new swimsuits that are helping swimmers smash world records also have an unfortunate side effect: Since they are thin and form-fitting, they can also tear easily.

Italian Olympic swimmer Flavia Zoccari found that out the hard way at the Mediterranean Games. The ass of Zoccari’s £318 Jaked J01 swimsuit tore, exposing her rear end and preventing her from racing. A disappointed Zoccari was seen crying after the tear turned whatever the race was into the butterfly.


Maybe Jaked should change their name to Naked. And maybe next time the race organizers could allow competitors to make a quick change into a new swimsuit when their current one tears and they flash their ass to the crowd, so they don’t end up partially naked and crying.

Swimmer’s Exposed Butt Forces Her Out of Race [The Slanch Report]
Top Italian swimmer’s horror as her £318 bathing costume bursts open in a very unfortunate place at championship meet [Daily Mail]

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