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Never Try To Rob An Old Boxer


Frank Corti is 71-years-old. He’s also a former boxer who served in the British Army.

Judging by what he did to a knife-wielding man who tried to burglarize his home, Frank could step back into the ring right now if he wanted to.

Not only did he dodge the knife, he managed to nail burglar Gregory McCalium with a couple of wicked right hooks that left the man looking like this:


In the words of what the judge said yesterday when giving McCalium a 4.5 year prison sentence, he got what he deserved.

The former featherweight boxer Corti said, “”He took a slash at me. If I needed to I would do it again. I had the advantage of having done some boxing training and retained the ability to punch.”

That’s for damn sure. If he’s looking for some work, people could do worse than having him for a bodyguard.

OAP Gives Burglar Two Powerful Right Hooks To The Face [The Sun]

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