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Daily Rubbish: July 1, 2009

Video of the Day: Happy Plavix Day!

Today’s Links:

Bus crash hero had lost brother in accident [The Star]

The Three Mikes: After The Crowds Go Quiet [Fansided]

Morgan = Dunn [Fangraphs]

5 reasons MLB should show people running onto the field [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Top Ten Fictional Chefs [Gunaxin]

Questionable Poses: Jason Campbell Spends A Day At Sea World [No Guts No Glory]

Joanna Krupa ESPN interview about T.O. & “The Superstars”, Video [NESW Sports]

Tiger Woods Responds to Jim Brown…Kinda [Pacman Jonesin’]

50 Hilarious De-Motivational Posters [Hail Mary Jane]

What is Yao’s Legacy? [That NBA Lottery Pick]

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