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Welcome To Wimbledon: Feel Free To Park On The Dead


Most people would stop their cars before they rolled on people’s graves. Not British Clomid fans.

St Mary’s Church in Bactrim ds dosage Village has raised money for Usa cipro by allowing fans heading to Wimbledon to park on their premises.

In previous years, they have parked cars on the graves of people whose descendants cannot be traced, but this year someone screwed up and allowed cars to be parked on any grave. It doesn’t seem like anyone should be leaving their car on anyone’s grave, but who are we to argue with British custom?

One driver said, “We were told: ‘Go and reverse between these gravestones.’ I thought: ‘This is very odd’. But we did it and went to Wimbledon.” How lovely.

The practice has been stopped & the church has apologized, but not before graves were parked on for several days.

So if you see a bunch of angry zombie valets in London, you know where they’re headed.

Wimbledon fans park in graveyard [Ananova]

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