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Daily Rubbish: June 30, 2009

Video of the Day: Snatch Wars (Snatch vs. Star Wars) – Language NSFW

Today’s Links:

The Real All-Time Home Run List [Zoner Sports]

Cow Fire [The Cooley Zone]

A philosophy of fandom [AZ Snakepit]

Top 10 non-MLB home plate collisions [Epic Carnival]

Coach quits team he hasn’t managed yet after death threats [Off The Post]

Dead Celebrities and Their NFL Counterparts [Inside The Iggles]

The Curious Case of Jay Mariotti: Blogger Bashing Is Bad Journalism [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Rinku And Dinesh Might Be Pitching Sometime Soon. Or Maybe Not. [PSAMP]

Keith Hernandez, Emergency Medical Technician [Bugs & Cranks]

Top Five Reasons Why The Rockets Are “Screwed” Without Yao [Barkley’s Mouth]

Little Timmy Man-Handles Cardinals [Babes Love Baseball]

The Next Great Pitchman? I have two words – Dit-ka!!! [Bear Goggles On]

BDL story time: ‘The Power Forward Who Tweeted Trades’ [Ball Don’t Lie]

Knicks May Make Surprise Moves [My Sports Rumors]

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