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Motorcycles! Fighting! Yeah! Scott Nicholls Vs. Emil Sayfutdinov: Video

This video has it all.

Motorcycles? Check.

Dirt? Check.

Giant flames shooting into the sky? Check.

People fighting each other? Check, for sure.

This weekend’s British Speedway GP race in Cardiff featured a brawl between 2 of the participants, Scott Nicholls (in white) & Emil Sayfutdinov (in blue).

Nicholls appeared to cut in front of Sayfutdinov at the finish line, which led to a confrontation after the race. Both racers jawed at each other and began to push, oblivious to the fact that they were about to crash into a wall. Following the crash, more pushing ensued, which was pretty much all they could do in padding and helmets.

Cooler heads prevailed for a few seconds, with Nicholls getting escorted back down the stadium tunnel, only to have some random guy shove him as he ran past. Who knew there was such anger in the motorcycle world?

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