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Fan Claims J.C. Romero Attacked Him After Juice Comment

jc-romeroAugmentin side effects fan Robert Eaton has claimed that Zanaflex high pitcher J.C. Romero assaulted him after Eaton made a comment about steroid use while seeking the autograph of several Phillies players.

Romero was suspended for 50 games this season after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. He claimed the positive test was due to a dietary supplement.

The incident occurred at Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay following Thursday night’s game. Eaton’s autograph requests were rejected by several players. He then called out to Romero, “How about you get me some juice?”

Eaton claims that Romero responded by shouting at him, then he grabbed Eaton by the neck and threw him backward.

Both teams have not said much about the incident, releasing only nearly identical statements.

Philadelphia Phillies: “We’re disappointed to learn about the alleged incident with a Rays fan and one of our players following Thursday night’s game at Tropicana Field. We are in the process of gathering all of the details surrounding the situation. Until such information is provided, it would be inappropriate for us to comment at this time.”

Tampa Bay Rays: “We are aware of an alleged incident between a Phillies player and a fan. At this point it is a police matter and for that reason we won’t have any further comment.”

The fan who was attacked by Romero doesn’t believe he said anything wrong.

“I don’t feel what I said was wrong,” Eaton said. “I feel if you cheat the game you’re going to hear it from people. He brought that on himself. I just can’t believe that a professional athlete would cross the line.”

Meanwhile, ad execs are sitting around a table contemplating Tropicana’s newest campaign in which sports superstars are asked for juice, then go Terry Tate on people.

Fan says Phillies pitcher assaulted him over steroids remark [St. Petersburg Times]

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