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Owen Schmitt, The Beer Truck, Gets A DUI

owen-schmittWho would have guessed that a guy nicknamed the Beer Truck would get nailed for a DUI?

Seattle Seahawks fullback Owen Schmitt was arrested for DUI on Saturday after a police officer saw him weaving and following too closely. A breathalyzer test showed that Schmitt was intoxicated with a BAC of 0.151 and 0.161.

Schmitt issued an apology through the Seahawks following the incident.

I sincerely apologize to the team, the NFL, the fans and my family and friends for my actions and my poor judgment. I fully understand the seriousness of this matter, and I am disappointed in myself. I am committed to earning back the trust of everyone affected.

Hasn’t anyone learned from the Donte Stallworth incident? How many more NFL players are going to be dumb enough to get behind the wheel of a car when they are drunk, especially when they not only have a car service available to them, they also have millions of dollars they can spend to pay people to drive them around?

Seahawks’ Owen Schmitt arrested on suspicion of drunken driving [Seattle Times]

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