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Michael Llodra Crashes Into Ballgirl At Wimbledon: Video

Doxycycline hyclate 100mg and ballgirls are the unsung heroes at Clomid tournaments. Without them, there would be balls all over the court and nobody to get new balls to the players. There also would not be adequate padding on the umpire’s chair if they weren’t around.

Yesterday, Michael Llodra faced off against Tommy Haas. Haas made a short return that required Llodra to sprint back toward the net and the sideline. He didn’t get there in time, and to make matters worse crashed into ballgirl Erin Lorencin, who was sitting right next to the umpire’s chair.

After using her to break his fall, Llodra gave the girl a hug, and she appeared to be fine. Following the match she said, “”It is really embarrassing. My little brother was very pleased and laughing.”

Michael Llodra, however, was not fine. He suffered an injury in the collision and had to retire from Bactrim ds dosage.

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