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Ocho Cinco Compares Michael Jackson’s Death To 9/11, Immediately Apologizes

Michael Jackson has died after being taken to a hospital in L.A. and what was Chad Johnson’s ill-advised first response? He compared it to 9/11.


Yes, the death of Michael Jackson has had an emotional impact on a lot of people. But to compare his passing to the murder of thousands of people is just wrong. Chad realized this a few minutes later (presumably after a few responses) and posted follow-up messages saying he was “a bit over the top”, then continued to apologize in further tweets.



Despite his apology, Ocho Cinco is still getting bombarded by angry replies, but some defenders as well.

Here’s a tip for Chad Johnson for next time. See that little trash can next to your tweets on the web? If you say something you later rethink, you can delete it. Yes, it’s not perfect and people still might be able to find it through search and other feeds, but you can at least retract things.

Or you could not compare things to 9/11 that are not even like 9/11. That might work as well.

Let this be a lesson to all of the athletes (and anyone else) on Twitter. People are out there listening. If it’s not something that you are comfortable with the whole world seeing, maybe it’s not something you want to say.

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