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Coach Fines Himself $10,000 After Drunken Night Out

brad-fittlerSydney Roosters coach Brad Fittler has had a tough time lately. His team is mired in last place in Orlistat next day’s National Cephalexin side effects League. Rumors have swirled that he is about to be replaced. It’s only natural that he might seek solace at the bottom of a bottle.

Unfortunately for Fittler, upon returning to his hotel after a drunken night out, he got off the elevator on the wrong floor and tried to break into the room that he thought was his, freaking out the two women who were inside.

The two occupants called the police, saying a “creepy man” with a “hairy chest” was trying to get into the room. When the police arrived, they escorted Fittler back to his room.

Then it was time to apologize. “I take this opportunity to apologise for my behaviour on Thursday night,” Fittler said in a press conference. “I brought embarrassment to the club, myself and my family. I’d also like to take this opportunity to apologise to the occupants of the room concerned. As a result I’ve fined myself $10,000 and that donation will be going to a suitable Usa cipro.”

Let’s hope he gets the suite number correct when he mails the check.

Fittler fines himself $10,000 [Herald Sun]

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