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Drunk Man Tries To Drive Golf Cart Home After Long Day On The Golf Course

golf-cart-beerA man tried to drive home on his golf cart after having 10 beers on the local golf course. If you assumed that this happened in Wisconsin, you are correct.

The unnamed South Milwaukee man was found driving a golf cart along the highway leading away from Kettle Hills Golf Course. After being pulled over by the police after a lengthy “chase” that involved much waving, an air horn, sirens, and a 0.3 mile getaway, the man claimed that he had been ditched at the course by his “uncles” and this was the only way he could get home.

Given that his home was some 40 miles away, it’s unlikely that the golf cart was going to get him anywhere near his destination.

Deputy Andrew Meier found several open beer cans in the golf cart and the driver blew a 0.138, which is illegal even in Wisconsin.

Driver takes to the streets – on golf cart [Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel]

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