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Daily Rubbish: June 23, 2009

Video of the Day: RIP Ed McMahon

Today’s Links:

R.I.P. Ed McMahon; An Ode to Sidekicks [The Sporting Blog]

Iran bans election protest footballers []

Old Big Men Who Blew It, Yet Still Want To Play [RedsArmy]

Doug Smith not sure where James Harden went [Cuzoogle]

International TV/Radio Stations Get Punked By Fake Air France Crash Footage [Gawker]

Footballer to receive sex offenders’ treatment after exposing himself in the street [The Spoiler]

Style Points Mixtape: Broken-Hearted Dirk [Style Points]

I Would Be Sorry That Your Dick Doesn’t Work If I Didn’t Have To Hear About It All The Goddamned Time [The Other Fifteen]

Brian McBride gets his own Fulham bar [The Beautiful Game]

German player banned after choosing girlfriend over drug test [Puck Daddy]

Is Rashard Mendenhall A Good Dancer? [PSAMP]

South Africa is super safe! (…whenever there isn’t a crime occuring) [Dirty Tackle]

Does Yahoo Know Something We Don’t? [Major League Jerk]

Transformers – Revenge of the MLB Fallen [My Sports Rumors]

Who Gave Vince Spadea A Microphone? [Rumors & Rants]

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